Saturday afternoon, there was probably nothing Benjamin Watson wanted to do but go home and rest.

The first two weeks of Saints training camp, which ended with Friday’s 17-13 victory against Kansas City, will make that a top priority, especially when you’re a 10-year veteran tight end coming off offseason surgery and in your first year with your new team.

But Grace, Naomi, Isaiah and maybe even baby Judah Watson, born March 19, the day after Watson signed with the Saints, had other ideas about their Daddy’s day off.

“When he walks through those doors, they don’t know anything about him being a football player or how tired he is,” said Kirsten Watson, Benjamin’s wife of eight years and the mother of their four children. The oldest child, Grace, is only 4. “They’re jumping on him like he’s a jungle gym.

“Benjamin can be exhausted, but he’s always willing to go to the grocery store, cook or just play with the kids. He’s an amazing helper who can do everything but breast-feed.”

Coming to New Orleans, after six seasons with New England followed by three more in Cleveland, is a homecoming for Kirsten Watson.

As Kirsten Vaughn, she grew up in Baton Rouge, where she was a multisport athlete at Episcopal. Her grandfather, Isaac Greggs, was the longtime band director at Southern. Her father, Percy Vaughn, is from New Orleans and a Southern graduate. Her mom, Audree, attended LSU.

Kirsten attended the University of Georgia, where she met Benjamin at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting. They were married after his rookie year with the Patriots.

“Marrying a football player wasn’t on my radar,” she said. “I just wanted to marry a strong man with strong faith in God.

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