Blog: Truth In The Game

The Goalie

Though our citizenship is in heaven, our present work is on earth and our various occupations, web of relationships, and geographical locations all breed unique opportunities to use our God given talents to serve the specific needs of a diverse population with the ultimate goal of winning souls for eternity.

Quest for Justice

With so many issues to consider and opinions being offered, the only way for me to know what my responses should be is to be listening to the Holy Spirit within me.

In life, our Sweatiest Times are Often our Greatest Testimonies of the Power of Jesus

There is power in Gods living and active Word. Is it in you?

Benjamin Watson: ‘What We’re Seeing in Charlotte Is Wrong’

Only the Lord can change the heart of man.

Racial Tension: What Are We Teaching Our Children?

When it comes to race, the dining room is as important as the courtroom in administering justice.

He’s Got A Plan

Watson explains that God has a plan for all of us.

I Stand

Watson discusses that conflict when handled correctly strengthens. Conflict when mismanaged destroys.

In Life We Will Face Specific Challenges

Watson discusses that it is God’s will that we give thanks not necessarily FOR all things but IN all things.

My Name is Benjamin Watson. I am a Christian. I am an American. And Culturally I am Black.

Watson discusses his emotions about the violent future we are witnessing.

Benjamin Watson Breaks Down The Debate About Racial Tension In The U.S.

As Americans, do black lives matter to us?


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