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Benjamin Watson: The Potter and The Clay

What has God given you to do? What are His plans for your life? Are you aware of your calling? These are all questions that have become quite clear to NFL Tight End, Benjamin Watson. Watch this video, then answer the questions, "What has God given you to do?"

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Football Sunday 2017 Invitation Video

Benjamin and Kirsten Watson share how your church can make Football Sunday an outreach tool for your church community. Now in it's third season, Football Sunday, has been seen by over 2 million people with over 10,000 people discovering Christ in churches around the globe.

The Big BENefit 2016

Benjamin Watson and his wife Kirsten find a local partner that works with families in need. Every Christmas they bless parents with the gospel message and a time for fun, connecting with other families, and going on a shopping spree.


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